I wanna tell you a story about me...

love travelling 🌎   #bubbleteahollic🧋  love eating noodle 🍜🍜   and burgers 🍔🍔


1. How it all started?

My name is Brian. I live in Toronto, Canada, but I fell in love with every city I've been to. When I was young, I loved drawing and wanted to be an artist. However, at 17, surprisingly, I became a coding nerd, spent days and nights with the computer. Eventually, I discovered UX/UI Design by accident at college through many school and fun projects. So I made a decision:
Become a Product Designer.

“Product Design is a perfect combination of my love for technology and obsession with aesthetics to design intuitive experiences that people love”

2. The journey began

In the summer of 2020, while people are staying home and working remotely, I was so lucky to have opportunities to work along with other amazing designers in 2 design sprints and 1 hackathon hosted by 2 notable corporations,
EY and SkipTheDishes.


“We worked together on a lot during the program and you always stayed so positive and came so far...”

Rejeanne, teaching assistant at BrainStation


3. The journey continues...

With the constant goal of pushing design boundaries and maintaining a high standard for usability & user experience, I was consistently looking for more opportunities in the field. In December 2020, I found my first Product Designer position at a non-profit organization, Reach4help, where I volunteer my time designing an admin dashboard and learning to build a scalable design system.


Lockdown Challenge
🍜🍜 As a guy who rarely cooks but craves noodle soup, I challenge myself to cook 1 kind of noodles every week.

What I Love Watching
🐻🐻  I love watching documentaries about animals. Planet Earth is my favourite series.

When I'm Hungry, I Want 
🍔 🍔 Burger, noodle soup, bubble tea

Where on earth I've been to🇨🇦
🌎 🌎 Saigon (hometown), Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, New York, Chicago.

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